The Psychology Behind Cocktail Colors

Many articles have been written about the psychology of color and how it affects us. For example, specific colors inspire feelings, and we attach additional attributes to things when we see them in certain colors. 

Cocktail Colors

For example, we expect a margarita to be light green and a coconut drink white. On the other hand, a fuzzy navel has an orange hue, and other drinks wear specific colors as part of their allure.

When concocting your own drinks, it’s crucial to think about color and what matches the identity of your beverage.

When customers order a strawberry drink, they expect it to arrive in some shade of pink or red. If it’s green or blue, it may miss the mark and alter the expectations of the person drinking it. 

The Psychology of Color

The mind is a powerful thing and creates perceptions that can fool the palette. For example, studies show that a yellow drink can taste sweet when no sugar is added. 

There are also preconceived notions about certain colors. For example, the color black indicates sophistication, whereas white simplicity. In addition, some people associate yellow with energy. That is why so many energy drinks are yellow and orange. 

Regarding drinks, red, dark purple, and orange-colored drinks stir more of an emotional effect than other colors.

In some cases, color is even more essential than taste.

What Colors Signify

Use the color psychology below when crafting your signature drinks to match the color profile of the drink with what you want your customers to feel.

Clear Drinks

A clear drink gives you plenty of flexibility since you aren’t assigning it a color. Clear or non-colored cocktails can be just as enjoyable and refreshing as their colorful counterparts. These cocktails are typically made with clear or transparent ingredients, such as vodka, gin, and white rum, and are often garnished with citrus fruits, herbs, or other flavorful additions. Some examples are the Dirty Martini, Moscow Mule, Tom Collins, Whiskey Sour, and Gin and Tonic.

Red Cocktails

Red is not overly used in preparing cocktails, but the signal it sends to the patron is one of vitality, passion, and love. A few examples are the famous Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, Sangria, Manhattan and Strawberry Margarita.

Blue Cocktails

Blue tends to relax people and make them thirsty. However, blue can also indicate weight loss and suppress appetite, so be careful when choosing blue for drinks paired with food. Some examples of blue-colored cocktails are Blue Lagoon, Blue Margarita, and Blue Hawaiian.

Green Cocktails

Green is a color that is often associated with growth, nature, and freshness. In the world of cocktails, green drinks are seen as refreshing. Some popular green cocktails are Mojito, Green Tea Martini, and the Grasshopper.

Yellow Cocktails

Yellow is the happiest color; marketers know this and use it to convey happiness and contentment. It also makes people feel creative, playful, and energetic. Yellow drinks create a bright and cheerful cocktail menu! The most popular yellow-colored cocktails are Margaritas, Mimosas, Yellow Bird, and Gin Fizz.

Orange Cocktails

Orange is a warm and vibrant color that is associated with energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. When it comes to cocktails, orange-colored drinks can evoke feelings of excitement and positivity. So, you can’t go wrong with an orange-colored beverage! Some popular orange cocktails are the Blood Orange Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, Aperol Spritz, and Mai Tai.

Purple Cocktails

Purple is associated with royalty, luxury, and fantasy, making it an excellent color for many creative and delicious cocktails. Purple drinks are usually a bit sour or tangy. A few examples of popular purple-colored cocktails are the Lavender Martini, Purple Haze, and Violet Fizz.

Black Cocktails

There are many bars and mixologists who have embraced the trend of black cocktails. Black-colored cocktails can be a visually striking and impressive addition to any bar menu. Black says reliability, stability, and refinement, but it can also work as a mysterious or spooky element for a themed night. There are a variety of ways to achieve the black color in a cocktail, including using dark liqueurs, activated charcoal, or black food coloring. Some popular black-colored cocktails are Black Russian, Dark and Stormy, Charcoal Margarita, and Black Manhattan.

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