Sober (Lower) October: The Trendy Middle Path for Bars and Restaurants

October is here, and with it comes the increasing popularity of ‘Sober October’, a movement where individuals pledge to ditch alcohol for the entirety of the month. While this trend is certainly commendable for promoting healthier living, it poses an obvious challenge to bars and restaurants. What if there was a middle ground? Enter “Lower October”—an exciting opportunity for establishments to offer a curated selection of low-alcohol drinks to their customers.

1. The Rise of ‘Lower October’

It’s clear that some people are eager to join the Sober-October trend, but not everyone is prepared to quit cold turkey. There are those who are merely looking to reduce their alcohol intake without eliminating it altogether. This is where “Lower October” comes into play. Offering a selection of low-alcohol beverages allows patrons to participate in the trend while still enjoying the social aspects of dining out.

Wine-based cocktails

2. Benefits of Low-Alcohol Drinks

  • Low-Calorie Choices: Low-alcohol drinks often contain fewer calories and less alcohol, making them a better choice for patrons looking to moderate their intake.
  • Prolonged Socializing: With drinks containing less alcohol, customers can enjoy more rounds without becoming overly intoxicated, promoting prolonged socializing and potentially more sales.
  • Unique Flavors: Crafting low-alcohol cocktails provides an opportunity for mixologists to experiment with unique flavors and ingredients, setting your establishment apart from the rest.

3. Premium Blend Products:

Premium Blend offers a complete line of wine-based liquors that taste just as good with fewer calories and less alcohol. Our line of products include:

● Rum alternative
● Tequila alternative
● Cognac alternative
● Gin alternative
● Vodka alternative
● Cordials alternative
● Whiskey alternative
● Premium mixers
● Ready-to-drink cocktails
● Sangria
● Wine

Premium Blend's products

4. Marketing ‘Lower October’

  • Special Menus: Consider creating a separate “Lower October” menu, highlighting the various low-alcohol beverages on offer.
  • Events: Host special evenings dedicated to the trend, perhaps inviting mixologists who specialize in crafting these drinks.
  • Collaboration: Partner with local businesses to offer “Lower October” packages or discounts, fostering community engagement.

Lower October offers a golden opportunity for bars and restaurants. By embracing this middle ground, establishments can attract a broader range of customers, from those participating in Sober October to those merely looking for a lighter drink. This October, while supporting those going completely alcohol-free, let’s also toast to those who are looking to find balance.

Women drinking wine-based cocktails


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