Sober Fun: The Rise of Low Alcohol Drinks

Since the pandemic, many people are making changes to increase their well-being and
improve their health. One of these growing trends is a lean toward low-alcohol drinks.
IWSR Drinks Market Analysis predicts an increase of 25.4% in non-alcoholic drink sales
through 2026 and a 5.9% growth with low-alcohol alternatives. Younger people
(Millennials and Gen Z-ers) have chosen to make healthier choices and consume less
Women are also leading the pack and hosting sober fun parties with low and non-
alcoholic beverages. Bars and restaurants that cater to this crowd may increase their
profits by offering these parties a place to play with dozens of delicious drinks without
the hassles.

Some ways you can get in on this trend include:

Sober Bachelorette Parties

Not all blushing brides want to drink a lot before their wedding. Many groups want to go
somewhere and have fun, laugh, and drink good-tasting cocktails without experiencing
headaches or hangovers. Sober bachelorette parties are very trendy right now, and low-
alcohol alternatives fit perfectly.

Ladies Nights

Host a ladies’ night with dozens of low-alcohol signature drinks and classy cocktails
made from agave wine or other low-alcohol alternatives. Companies like Premium
Blend offer a complete line of low-alcohol substitutes to make all your customers’

Upscale Low-Alcohol Cocktail Tasting Parties

Another interesting way to get customers in the door is to host an upscale low-alcohol
cocktail-tasting party or wine party. Offer a wide variety of beverages with colorful/tasty
garnishes. Women’s groups may love the opportunity to try many different types of
drinks without the hassle of any after-effects of over-consuming.

Mindful Drinking Movement

According to market analysts, even before Covid-19, more than half (58%) of worldwide
drinkers were starting to limit their alcohol consumption. The mindful drinking movement
has continued and even ramped up since lockdowns and restrictions have been lifted.
The reason for the movement is not only about physical health but also mental health.
It’s a win-win all around. Drinking establishments need to be aware of this sober fun
initiative and offer patrons some events that cater to low-alcohol drinks.

Stock Up on Low-Alcohol Alternatives

Premium Blend offers a complete line of hard liquor substitutes which taste just as good
with fewer calories and less alcohol. Our line of products includes:

Rum alternative
Tequila alternative
Cognac alternative
Gin alternative
Vodka alternative
Cordials alternative
Whiskey alternative
Premium mixers
Ready-to-drink cocktails

Contact us today to stock up on all your customers’ low-alcohol favorites.


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