Klir Red

Premium Vodka Alternative 

“If you like Vodka, you will love Klir Red!” Klir Red is a wine-based Premium Vodka alternative at 24% and 17% alcohol by volume. Premium Blend has captured the clean taste of triple distilled Vodka to make Klir Red. Customers will enjoy the smoothness of Klir Red cocktails and it is legal to sell and serve with only your beer and wine license! Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Sex on the beach, Kamikaze, and Cape Codder are only of few of the many vodka-based cocktails that you can prepare using Premium Blend Klir Red.

  • Available in a 750ml glass or 1 Liter PET bottle
  • New Mini size 50ml (only available in 24% ABV)
  • 24% Alcohol By Volume (48 Proof)
  • 17% Alcohol By Volume (34 Proof)

“The lighter Alternative “

Klir Red Vodka Alternative

Klir Red Vodka Alternative