El Guitarron Especial Agave Wine

Premium Gold Tequila alternative

El Guitarron Especial is a craft agave wine made with 100% Blue Weber agave from Jalisco, Mexico. This unique wine is fermented and fortified to retain all of the agave flavor. El Guitarron Especial is rested in French Oak barrels. It has a dark gold hue, full body with intense aromas of oak wood. Slightly sweet flavor, high in tannins, with notes of cooked agave. Dry earthy spice with long notes of fruit lingers on the palate. El Guitarron Especial is meant to be savored through sipping in a “copita” glass, which allows to savor the complex aromas.

  • Gold Medal winner at WSWA 2023 Wine Tasting Competition
  • Available in a 750ml hand-crafted bottle
  • 17% Alcohol By Volume (34 Proof)
  • 24% Alcohol By Volume (48 Proof)
  • 100% Agave wine imported from Mexico

“The Lighter Alternative”

El Guitarron Especial Agave Wine Distributor sheet

El Guitarron Especial Agave Wine Distributor sheet