El Guitarron Agave Wine

Premium Gold Tequila alternative

El Guitarron is made with 100% Blue Weber agave from Jalisco, Mexico. This unique wine is fermented and fortified to retain all of the agave flavor. It is filtered with activated carbon to a light golden color. Slight earthy aromas with a buttery agave flavor. It is a smooth and delicious wine that can be enjoyed anytime, chilled, on the rocks or with your favorite cocktail mixer

  • Award Winning Agave Wine
  • Available in a 750ml hand-crafted bottle
  • 17% Alcohol By Volume (34 Proof)
  • 24% Alcohol By Volume (48 Proof)
  • 100% Agave wine imported from Mexico

“The Lighter Alternative”

El Guitarron Classic Agave Wine sales sheet

El Guitarron Classic Agave Wine by Premium Blend