Cinnamon Wicket

Cinnamon Whiskey Alternative

Cinnamon Wicket is a wine that ignites the senses with the fiery allure of cinnamon. This bold and fiery blend embodies the spicy warmth and distinctive flavor profile of its spirited counterpart. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with your favorite desserts, Cinnamon Wicket delivers an unforgettable tasting experience that captures the essence of cinnamon whiskey.

Cinnamon Wicket is a wine based Cinnamon Whiskey alternative that is legal to sell and serve with a beer and wine license.

  • Available in a 50ml PET and 750ml glass bottle
  • 24% Alcohol by Volume (48 Proof)
  • 17% Alcohol By Volume (34 Proof)

“The lighter Alternative ”

Cinnamon Wicket

Cinnamon Wicket sales sheet