CannaVinus Alcohol Free 0%

Dealcoholized Sparkling Wine 0% ABV

CannaVinus® is a refreshing sparkling Dealcoholized White Wine with a touch of mint and elderberry that is clean and crisp on the palate. CannaVinus® is the perfect wine pairing for the Cannabis lover. As opposed  to focusing on the psychoactive properties of cannabis, CannaVinus® focuses on the aromatic and charismatic components of cannabis with the inclusion of terpenes such as myrcene and limonene. These chemicals are found in our mint and tropical fruit ingredients. Terpenes are secreted in the same glands that create cannabinoids like THC and CBD but it provides the distinctive flavor and aroma. CannaVinus does not overpower the cannabis experience, it enhances it. CannaVinus helps with dry mouth when smoking and also soothes and cleanses your palate.
  • Contains no THC or CBD products
  • Dealcoholized Wine (Alcohol Free 0%)
  • Available in a 200ml and 750ml glass bottle
  • Wine Pairing beverage for Cannabis / Cigar smokers
  • Perfect for Dispensaries and Vape shops. NO LICENSE is required to sell CannaVinus® 0%
Cannavinus 0 Alcohol Free Wholesale Sheet by Premium Blend

Cannavinus 0 Alcohol Free Wholesale Sheet by Premium Blend