We have designed this web site to be accessible to as many users as possible and we seek ways to improve accessibility regularly. However if you notice something that can be improved please contact us.


Features – HTML


This site uses HTML headings to organize page content. Some assistive technologies will allow you to navigate from heading to heading using a keyboard shortcut.

Text Size

You can modify the text size using the controls in your browser. In Internet Explorer, select Text Size from the View menu item. Then choose the preferred size. If you have a wheel mouse hold the control key down and scroll up and down to adjust the text size.

Images and alt tags

All images used on the site include ‘Alt’ tag descriptive text alternatives. This allows users to see what the image is meant to convey even if it doesn’t load, if images have been switched off or if a screen reader is being used to read the web page.

High Contrast

We add a contrast switch on the footer so you can enjoy the page with more contrast.