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Choco Noir Chocolate

Choco Noir Chocolate

Premium Blend®, producers of quality wine-based products such as Santos Sangria®, is thrilled to introduce Choco Noir®. 

A perfect blend of rich dark chocolate and Pinot Noir (the world’s most delicate wine) Choco Noir® is sure to delight spirit enthusiasts everywhere.

Produced and manufactured as a ready-to-drink beverage, Choco Noir® is perfect on the rocks after a long day, splashed into a steaming mug of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning, or served chilled for a romantic evening full of sensual delights. Premium Blend also provides a number of other recipes for you to indulge in as you research your favorite way to drink Choco Noir®.

Available in:

  • Size: 750 ml Glass
  • 14% ABV.

 Choco Noir®