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Premium Blend® captures all the flavor of your favorite liqueurs and cordials such as Triple-Sec, Amaretto, Coffee Liqueur, Peach and Peppermint Schnapps.

Zaketini™ Fuji Apple

Fresh aromas of Asian fruit that fills the palate with crisp and juicy apple flavors.

Zaketini™ Lychee

A unique and exotic floral flavor echos on the palate with a subtle sweetness.

Peach Royale

Premium Blend Peach Royale is a specially blended product using vine-ripened peaches to extract the freshest taste.

Kafé Luna

For the coffee lover in you! Kafé Luna has all the flavor of your favorite coffee liqueur.

Amore Di Verano

For the almond lover in you! Amore DI Verano has all the flavor of your favorite almond liqueur.

Peppermint Royale

Premium Blend has created a Wine-Based Peppermint cordial using fresh peppermint flavors.

Triple Luna Snaps

Premium Blend's® Triple Luna Snaps is a Wine-based Triple Sec specially blended using the finest Florida oranges to extract the freshest taste.